Horeazon Records started its trip on October 24th 2012 and will have its fourth anniversary on board this year.

The two creators, friends since long years, share an intense passion for music. Their first objective was to create a channel to share music and to promote new talents.

Through a precise image for the label, their paper boat lets see adventure, positive vibes and of course journey. Their goal is to make you sail through various musical waves and new horizons.

The paper boat represents their slogan:

“Giving you a reason to discover a new horizon”

Very quickly, the different contacts with artists led to the release of a compilation whose success was confirmed fast. Since then, this promising start let the captains aim for a Web label image.

To this day, Horeazon has released several albums, singles, EPs, compilations and mixtapes. The label continues to grow thanks to the contribution of its creators and all the artists that collaborate for the entire project.

Everyday new followers enter to this adventure and help us continue our work and improve it.
Of course we still have the same ambition to make the crew and the collaborations grow to make other fantastic projects come true!